The water supply in many towns and cities are not as clean and pure as some people would like. Many towns’ water supplies are full of extra minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron this is referred to as hard water. While it is perfectly safe to drink this water, it can wreak havoc on your clothes your dishwasher and your coffee machine. This is because the mineral deposits are left behind as the water runs through the appliances.

Hard Water Image

Your hair is also susceptible to mineral build up when you wash your hair with hard water. As the minerals from the water are left behind after you have washed your hair causing a build-up that attracts grease and oil to stick in your hair. In fact, if you looked at your hair shaft under a microscope you would see what looks like thick of fish that is covering your hair; this creates a surface that is rough and prevents moisture from permeating the shaft leaving your hair dry and difficult to manage. It can also leave your hair smelling a bit undesirable.

Dull Hair Due to Hard Water

Shampoos like clarifying shampoos can be used because they have been developed to break down the build-up of minerals as well as other products in your hair. To eliminate the build-up of minerals in your hair washing your hair once a week with a good clarifying shampoo is supposed to be included in your hair care regime if you live in a hard water area.

Final Thoughts

In an ideal world, we would not live in a hard water area. Unfortunately, that is not always our choice to make, so prevention is probably the ideal first step. That is filtering the water as much as you can. However it is not often possible to filter all the water entering your house, so sometimes you need a cure instead, such as scale remover for your appliances and a good shampoo for your hair.