Energy efficient or energy star appliances are very popular among the users nowadays and this is mainly because they are environment-friendly as well as saves money. These electrical appliances are approved by the government and emit greenhouse gasses in low quantity when compared to other similar appliances.

Most of the appliances you can buy offer the comfort you are looking for while harming the nature in the minimum way possible. The offer their best using minimum electricity and are mostly made up of green materials. But it does not mean that these star rating should be a deciding factor while purchasing your favorite appliance, but it is requested to use eco-friendly appliances and play your part in saving the planet.

Now coming back to the main topic, many people are shifting to eco-friendly homes because of their care for the planet. And the modern eco-friendly homes are advanced and offer more than you can imagine with the help of eco-friendly appliances. Here we are going to help you with the top 5 essential appliances that an eco-friendly home should have.

  1. Induction Stove

With advancement in technology, the latest ovens, cooktops are available in electric or gas versions. On one hand, gas models are energy efficient, but they release a lot of pollutants in the atmosphere that includes nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon mono oxide etc. On the other hand, an electric induction stove creates the heat using the metal element foils inside it. The best thing about induction stoves is that the energy loss and pollution is almost negligible. The users also need not worry about accidental burns as well. It is totally safe to use and eco-friendly, however, you need to get the one which consumes minimum power.

  1. Energy Efficient Televisions

Almost everyone has a television in their home and people are attracted to the new advanced TVs that are coming in the market right now. The newly designed TVs are eco-friendly and energy saving which is capable of conserving about 40 percent energy when compared other normal televisions.

The new TVs have all new energy efficient components which result in overall less consumption of electricity. In addition to that, the new features are capable of sensing when you are awake and when you are sleeping so that it can shut it down in order to save energy. Almost all the famous brands like LG, Samsung, Sony etc. are coming up with such smart televisions that are eco-friendly.

  1. Eco-friendly Refrigerators

Just like television, refrigerators are required in every home and are also the main power consumer in the kitchen, so you would definitely like the one which consumes minimum power. In case you like alone or have a small family, you can find eco-friendly small refrigerators that would fulfill all your basic cooling requirements. More is the star on the refrigerator, eco-friendlier or energy efficient it is. Unlike traditional refrigerators, the coolant used in this refrigerator is HFC and CFC free, that were the main contributors of depleting Ozone layer in the atmosphere.

  1. Clothes Washer

Clothes washers, unlike other appliances, are also rated for their efficiency to save water as well as electricity both. When compared with other conventional washing machines, the latest washers use 40 percent less water for cleaning the same load. The recent machines clean the clothes in a small amount of water and also spin them until they are almost dry. Thus you won’t even need a cloth dryer to dry them as the machine will do that for you. In this way, not only you save water and electricity with clothes washer, but also the electricity you would have used in drying up the clothes.

  1. Dishwashers

Not everyone can wash the dishes with their bare hands, and this is why dishwashers are more of a necessity than the requirement. The old dishwashers wasted too much of water in cleaning dishes. Also, the technology used was inefficient in saving energy and even in cleaning. However, the latest eco-friendly dishwashers can save around 41 percent energy as well as can clean the dishes using 30-40 percent less water. By using air dry feature, the dishes are dried using normal air and not the appliance’s drying option. It is better to get an energy efficient dishwasher which can save your bills than a one which wastes water and power at the same time. In case you have hard water running in your house, you can also look at some water softener system reviews for saving power and the environment. If you are not aware of what hard water is and what its disadvantages are, you can read this guide on hard vs soft water for more information. We have just updated this article with some additional information and resources for an eco friendly home. If you have got questions or queries, please comment below and I’ll try to answer all of them as soon as possible. We have more content lined up for you guys in the coming few weeks. So stay tuned for that. 🙂


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